The Clerk is the Responsible Finance Officer and deals with the administration of financial affairs: the accounting system (under direction of the Parish Council); the budget; precept; income and payments; bank reconciliations; insurance; audit; asset register, PAYE and VAT.  

With effect 1st April 2023, the parish council is using the Scribe Accounts package.
Payroll is operated on our behalf by Suffolk Association of Local Councils.

Currently, all payments are made by cheque and signed by two signatories. The Clerk is not a cheque signatory. The Parish Council uses Barclays Bank.   

Progress is being made towards moving the parish council over to on-line banking, which is preferred by the majority of our suppliers and is a more efficient method of banking.  Once completed, the banking arrangements will require the Clerk/RFO to 'set up' payments on the bank account following approval from full council, and for one of the three councillor signatories to go onto the bank account to check the details and then authorise the payment for release.

Once 'set up' the signatories for online banking will be: Clerk/RFO (for setting up payments), Cllr Wyer (existing signatory), Cllr Bauer and Cllr Belsham.