Barnham Parish Council has an emergency plan which will be activated in the event of a serious incident.  This will normally be activated in association with/and at the request of the local authority.

Extract from Suffolk Prepared website  "Community Emergency Planning is about people understanding local risks and knowing what resources they have available to help minimise the impact of an emergency on their community. Emergencies can take many forms, from house fires through to flooding or widespread power outages.

Experience shows that those who are prepared cope better during an emergency.

Communities with local knowledge, enthusiasm and information are a great asset and a Community Emergency Plan can help.

Across Suffolk there are many community groups, towns, parishes, and wards who have produced a plan making their community better prepared to respond and recover from incidents that may happen in their area.

County, district, and borough councils all have Emergency Planning Officers who together plan and prepare for emergencies in their areas and can support communities to prepare their own emergency plans."

Barnham Parish Council has prepared its own community Emergency Plan for the village, in which all of the parish councillors are involved.  However, we also need to identify people across the village who could be called upon for assistance should the need arise. 

What might you be called on to do? Obviously this depends on the type of incident, but examples are: liaising with the Emergency Plan Coordinator advising about issues and keeping the Emergency Plan team updated about where assistance is required in your street/area; checking on vulnerable persons in your street; maybe you have skills or can provide supplies that could be helpful. However you think you might be able to help, if you are willing to have the information recorded within the Emergency Plan (GDPR/Data Protection applies at all times), the parish council would be very pleased to hear from you. Email

Have a look at Barnham's emergency plan here

Suffolk Prepared - Emergency Preparedness Guide is a useful leaflet, prepared by "Suffolk Prepared" which provides information about how to be prepared for a variety of emergencies.  Download it here