The official contact for Barnham Parish Council is The Clerk
Pauline Smith
Tele: 01359 221934


Bardwell Parish Councillors - Elected 4th May 2023

Cllr John Bauer 
Cllr Helen Beck
Cllr Martin Belsham
Cllr Matthew Hawthorne
Cllr Susan Watson
Cllr Adrian Webb
Cllr Edward Wyre

Chair: Cllr John Bauer
The Chair and Vice Chair are elected annually at the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, which this year took place on 23rd May 2023.   
Vice Chair: Cllr Ed Wyer

West Suffolk District Councillor: Andrew Smith.  Tele: 01359 221948. Mobile: 07801 661944. Email:
Suffolk County Councillor: Joanna Spicer MBE.  Tele: 01359 230800  Email:
MP: Mattt Hancock. Tele:020 719 7186.  Email:
Postal adddress: House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA